Rum Isle

Real-time strategy set in a world of pirates


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Rum Isle is a real-time strategy game in which players will have to control a group of pirates, gather resources, erect different buildings, and of course fight against other pirates, both at sea and on land.

The first step in Rum Isle, just as in any strategy game, is to gather resources. Your main resources will be bananas, which are necessary to recruit more pirates, gold, which is useful for many things, and wood, which is indispensable for constructing buildings. Of course, later on you will be able to gather many other types of resources, such as stones and metals.

During the strategy phase of Rum Isle, players will have to get ahold of resources and erect different buildings. Towers will be used to defend your town, sawmills can be used to make wooden planks from wood.

In addition, from time to time, you will have to participate in sea battles that will be carried out in a manner very similar to that of the classic board game Battleship. You will have to take turns trying to sink the enemies' ships, without knowing where, exactly, they are.

Rum Isle is a fun real-time strategy game that is relatively deep, with enchanting graphics. The best part? It's absolutely free.
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